Work Life Balance

Working out how to balance a demanding career with a hectic home life can sometimes feel like a trade-off. Doing well in one can feel like the other ends up suffering.

This is often felt in relationships when the partner of someone with a busy job feels as though they, and in some cases your children, are being neglected.

One person may end up feeling taken for granted and having to accept the bulk of the responsibility for managing the home. While the other may feel pressured to spend more time at home and accused of missing important family events. 

Resentment may build if both people feel as if they are having to make significant compromises to accommodate the other. 

This can escalate if neither person is prepared to address the matter, often feeling exhausted from their busy day, or frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement offered by their partner. 

In these situations, couples can often find themselves bickering about benign topics that are used as a release valve for the rising tention. 

If you recognise a version of this in your relationship, working with a counsellor to address what's really going on can be a useful step.

Establishing 'neutral territory' where both of you can share your views with the assistance of a therapist, will support you to both be able to say the things that need to be said and help re-establish equilibrium to your relationship, which in turn can positively impact your career.


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