Creating more connected couple relationships


Specialist couple counselling to help you create a more fulfilling relationship

No matter your sexual orientation or relationship status, we work with couples and individuals to offer support on matters that you may be finding difficult, either in your current relationship or with relationships in general.

If not now, when?

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to seek our help with their relationship, and many more reasons why they don't.
Don't let these hang ups stop you from creating the relationship you want.

"I'm not very good at opening up"

It can be daunting talking to a stranger about problems that feel difficult to address.
We aim to provide a safe environment for you to share what's on your mind, so that together we can begin to explore the issues you face and help open up a conversation between you and your partner that leads to a better understanding of each other.

"But, I'm not the problem!"

One person may not be that keen on therapy if there's a feeling that the crux of the problem sits with the other.
However if one of you feels there's a problem in the relationship, the best way to address it is between the two of you.
Our therapists can help you manage the issue together.

"It's bad, but not that bad..."

Many people wait until they face a crisis before deciding to do something about their relationship problems. What starts off as a mild annoyance has the potential to become a significant point of contention. We aim to help you find a better way of communicating so that you're able to keep your relationship on track.

"It's just embarrassing"

It may feel like one thing talking to a friend or family member about a relationship problem, but needing to seek professional help can feel plain embarrassing.
However, it isn't always easy to know what to do when you hit a rough patch. This is where talking to a therapist can help. Our conversations are confidential, so no one needs to know.

Get the help you need today and start building better relationships


Stop getting back at each other. 
Start getting back to each other.


Get a better understanding of yourself so you can better understand your relationships.

Meeting you where you are at

We have a number of ways you can connect with us. See what suits you best.


Meet with a therapist to discuss your concerns in person.


If you're unable to visit us, we can talk securely via web cam.


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