1. Is The Couple Consultancy a relationship specialist?

Yes. We specialise in working with both couples and individuals to offer support on matters that you may be finding difficult either in your current relationship, or with relationships in general. Some of the matters you can talk to us about include, but are not limited to: arguments and conflict, trust concerns, communication difficulties, affairs, divorce and separation, considering and settling into married life, considering and settling into parenting, money and finance difficulties, dealing with wider family relationships, difficulties with your sexual relationship. 

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your particular concern. If we feel we are not best placed to assist you, then we may be able to make recommendations on where else you may be able to seek help. 

2. What are your fees?

We will contact you to book an initial meeting within 48 hours of first receiving your enquiry. From here we will be able to arrange a convenient time for us to meet. 

3. How quickly will I be able to see a therapist?

Fees differ depending on the session time, however for ongoing therapy fees range between £125 - £80 per session. We recommend that you book an initial meeting where you will be able to discuss your time availability with your therapist who will then be able to inform you of the exact fee for that time. 

The fee for an initial meeting is set at £125 and requires upfront payment to secure the booking. Unfortunately this fee cannot be refunded if the meeting is moved or cancelled after it has been confirmed.

4. What will happen in my initial meeting?

In your initial meeting we will talk about what has prompted you to get in touch with The Couple Consultancy. From here, we will be able to discuss how we are best able to support you through ongoing therapy. If we think there are other services that may be more beneficial to you, we will let you know and we may have suggestions for who else you may wish to speak to. 

5. Do you have evening or weekend appointments? 

Appointments at The Couple Consultancy are held from 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday. The latest session start time is 8pm. We will work with you to find a regular time that suits you. 

6. How do ongoing appointments work?

Appointments last for 50 minutes and are held at the same time each week. Your therapist will reserve this time to meet with you on an ongoing basis until you decide to end sessions. 

7. Is there parking available?

We do not have facilities for car or bicycle parking, however we are a central London practice and are in close proximity to a number of London Underground stations. 

Please see the route here on Google Maps 

8. Do you have disabled access?

We are in a beautiful but old building, so unfortunately disabled access isn’t available. Once inside the building however, there is a lift that will allow you to get to our office if you prefer not to use the stairs. 

9. Can I bring my children?

We appreciate regular childcare arrangements may be difficult, however your appointment is an important time reserved for you to think about and reflect on your relationship. Therefore we would not recommend you bring children to the session. 

10. What if my partner or I can’t make our ongoing appointment?

Weekly therapy does take commitment and we encourage you (both) to attend your appointments consistently to gain the benefit of the therapy. We will work with you to find a regular time that suits you and your therapist will reserve this time for you on an ongoing basis. Therefore if you are unable to make an appointment the session fee will still be due.  

11. Can I talk to my therapist outside of our regular appointment time?

Therapists see a number of clients during our office hours, which means it will not be possible to speak to your therapist about therapy concerns outside of your regular appointment time. If there are logistics that need to be communicated, for example you are running late or need to cancel a session last minute, please email naomi.segal@thecoupleconsultancy.com or text 07494 474665 and someone will respond in due course. 

12. How do I cancel future appointments? 

If you feel as though you would like to end therapy, please discuss this with your therapist during your regular appointment time. We will be able to work with you to end your sessions appropriately. 

13. What if I don’t feel happy with the therapy?  

It is normal for people to feel uneasy with therapy at first, since we may discuss some uncomfortable topics. Raising these concerns can often be beneficial to your progress, therefore we would encourage you to speak to you therapist about these during your regular appointment.

14. Are all appointments confidential?

Yes. It is important that you feel safe enough to share whatever you feel you need to during your appointment. There are only extreme circumstances where it may be required for us to share information, for example for legal reasons. In this type of situation we would always discuss the matter with you first. Besides this, we would never disclose any of your personal information.