About The Couple Consultancy 

Supporting you to overcome your relationship challenges

A relationship specialist therapy service

We can support you in exploring such matters as: 

•    cross-cultural issues
•    bickering and arguments that you can’t seem to get away from
•    worries about trusting your partner
•    not being able to ‘get through’ to your partner
•    dealing with the aftermath of an affair
•    thinking it may be time to move on from the relationship
•    considering and settling into married life
•    considering and settling into parenting
•    how to talk about and manage money as a couple
•    difficulties with your sexual relationship
•    coping with the in-laws

•    always ending up with the ‘wrong’ type of person

•    not able to maintain a lasting relationship 
… and so much more.

Naomi Segal (MBACP), founder of The Couple Consultancy, was trained by some of the leading experts in couple relationships. From this, she has developed a way of working with couples that moves them from gridlock to growth. 

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Our intimate relationships are often one of the most important aspects of our life. We want couples to develop loving relationships that support a happy life. 

We offer a talking therapy, which means we support you to explore the issues that are troubling you most at the current time. We don’t set the pace, you do. Our therapists are there to guide you towards a better understanding of yourself and your partner and help you find a way to communicate with each other about the things that matter most to you both. 

We provide an open-minded, confidential and safe space for you and your partner to be able to say what’s on your mind. 
If we see you falling into old, destructive ways of relating, we’ll work with you to recognise what’s going on and explore a better way of communicating that works for you both. 

We won’t take sides. But we will create a forum for you to be able to explore your difficulties together, how you can communicate better about what’s troubling you, and we’ll work with you to create the kind of relationship you want in your life. 

Learning a new way to have old conversations, often on the matters you’ve been avoiding, can lead to a development in your relationship that you never thought possible. 

“Many of us aren’t taught how to have a positive, healthy intimate relationship. We’re expected to pick it up from the examples we see around us, which aren’t always the best. At The Couple Consultancy we’re committed to helping both couples and singles develop stronger, better relationships.”

Naomi Segal, MBACP
Founder of The Couple Consultancy

Proud member of the BACP