Difference of Opinion

Are your differences of opinion getting you down? Does it often feel like, if you say “left” your partner is almost certain to say “right”? You say “up", they say “down”?

This type of pattern can be hard to break out of. There can develop an expectation that no matter what you think, your partner is going to think the opposite. It can become frustrating if you are left thinking that they’re just spoiling for a fight.

In many situations what can start off as novel differences at the beginning of a relationship, may become your biggest bugbears as the relationship progresses.

Such differences can make communication very difficult as neither of you understands where the other is coming from. This is where therapy can help. 

It is possible to work with a therapist to understand what has made these differences now so unbearable, what may be provoking the frustration and how to understand your partner better so the differences feel more tolerable.

By understanding why your partner holds their opinions, you may feel less provoked by them and be able to collaborate instead of combat each other. 


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