Lack of Sex Drive

For many people, talking about sex can be difficult and, in some cases, even taboo. 

So when it comes to talking about what may be going wrong sexually in your relationship, it can feel exposing, shaming, frustrating, upsetting and more.

Many people expect that good sex with a partner they love and are attracted to will just ‘happen’, but in some situations this is just not the case.

A difficult sexual relationship can be caused by a number of reasons.

Often, both partners have strong feelings about the state of their sex life which may hinder communication, so opening up to talk about these things with the help of a therapist can help to ease some of the tension and anxiety around the topic.

If there is no underlying medical condition that may be making sex difficult, a lack of sex drive, as well as other sexual difficulties, can often be considered in terms of the thoughts and feelings that may be hindering you from having a fulfilling sexual relationship. 


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