Scared to Commit

Does the idea of ‘together forever’ strike you with fear? Maybe you think you want to commit to someone, but when faced with it, you run a mile?

Perhaps the other person always ends up doing something that has you thinking “there’s no way I can spend my life with you!”. 

Making the decision to commit to a relationship can be a daunting thought for some. The decision can be littered with thoughts about what you may need to ‘give up’ for the sake of being in the relationship.

Many people don’t realise that the thoughts and feelings you have about being part of a couple can often be linked to experiences from your past that have left a negative impression as to what it means to be in a relationship

Even if there is a deep desire to want to be part of a couple these things can stop you from being able to make that step.

Talking to a therapist may help you discover what is holding you back and how to get past potential barriers so that you can experience a long-lasting connection with someone.


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